Improving Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings.


Low Cost IoT solution

Low capital investment with the increased scalability of Hardware.

Consumption Insights

Businesses are losing money as energy is being wasted without their knowledge.

Real-time Dashboard

Real-time monitoring of all your appliances through our dashboard.

Single Device Installation

No need to install sensors to each appliances. One Smartsol is sufficient.

Energy Wastage Alerts

Get instant notifications as soon as energy consumption gets higher than usual.

Appliance Health Measure

Know when to replace appliances with the energy efficient ones.

Working Together.

The best way to work together. Collaborate for energy analytics pilots.

We can work together towards the next generation energy management solution.

Installation of smartsol in commercial buildings.
Energy data collection & execution of algorithms.
Energy consumption results & insights as Deliverable.
Target Market

We are providing energy management solutions.

Commercial buildings with multiple small outlets spread across geographies.